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Responsive design

Our websites are up to date with the current responsive technologies, which give them full compatibility with computers, tablets and smart phones.

Law Firms Branding

through the years, we have branded numerous law firms, big and small, so we became experts in understanding the special needs of attorneys, for branding and for routine maintenance, we also hire a in-house lawyer, just for these clients.


From small shops to advanced systems, we will craft it according to your specific needs while keeping in mind the needs of your customers.

High-End Websites

Our staff of programmers is carefully hand-picked and is capable of building advanced systems using the most recent technologies such as HTML5, and give a variety of solutions.

Logo & Branding

We all have a face consisting of two eyes, a nose and a mouth and yet, we all look so different from one another. Your Logo is your face, it's what makes you one of a kind. Around it we will design everything else.

Who are we

Up-to-date media representation means that you are first glanced at off the screen of a computer. Your logo, your website's design, as well as background music, tell the world who you are and what you're all about. DESIGNATED focuses on all aspects which make you you, which makes you unique through a variety of services.
We don't shy from the word “Brand”, for we believe it is key for communicating yourself to the world and it can be done in endless shapes and forms, according to your wishes. Anything can be achieved, from in your face to subtle. This is where our experience is second to none and our creativity kicks in.

Our Latest Work

Yaron Shavit, Yaacov Cohen, Attorneys

YYA law firm is a firm that was established by a...

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LegalFor is an Italian law firm that stands out by providing...

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Hamburger Evron & Co.

Hamburger Evron & Co. is one of Israel's most experienced and...

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Arzi Projects

Arzi Project is a renovation and construction company working mainly with...

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Shenhav Konforti Shavit & Co.

Shenhav, Konforti, Shavit & Co. provides comprehensive legal services for both...

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EJI is a boutique real estate company who manages projects in...

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Our Respectable Clients

  • Hamburger Evron & Co.
  • Yaron Shavit, Yaacov Cohen – Attorneys
  • LegalFor
  • EJI